[26/04/17] Skylace Wisdom Card Workshop (completed) 天磊识字王讲座

学习 ~ ~ 从我开始!
谢谢家长们抽出宝贵的时间来参加 “天磊识字王” 讲座。我们一起努力,让孩子们学习华文变得 ▷ 简单又容易 ◁ 。

Learning begins with ME!

Dear parents, thank you for attending our “Skylace Wisdom Card” Workshop. Our combined efforts would make it easier for children to master the Chinese Language.

[26/11/16] 恭喜卓恩同学获颁“华文最佳进步奖”


Zhuo En used to have little interest in the Chinese Language. After she started attending Skylace’s course, she began to show more interest in the subject, and has shown great improvement. Her mother was pleased too! Congratulations!


Skylace Course Overview 天磊课程进度一览表


【17/02/2016】 恭喜沈泓同学获颁“华文最佳进步奖”,并考入心仪中学。

sing hong(相片由家长提供)



“天下无难事,只怕有心人”。他的努力终于有了收获。他在2015年获得《中华语文文化基金》*所颁发的 ‘华文最佳进步奖’。这个肯定给了沈泓更大的学习动力,让沈弘在小六会考获得不错的成绩,成功考进心仪的中学。恭喜!



【11/02/2015】 恭喜梁晋希同学获颁“华文最佳进步奖”



从小学一年级到三年级,我曾经在另外两所语文中心上过课,可是我的成绩一直徘徊在50至60分之间,毫无起色,令我相当沮丧。从三年级第三学期起,我成为了天磊的学生,天磊的李老师帮了我很多,而且来自家人、朋友和老师们的鼓励,也给了我很大的动力。现在,我已有能力在华文考试中考获 70分,还获得“中华语言文化基金”所颁发的“华文最佳进步奖”。我决定再接再厉,朝80分迈进。就算不成功,至少我有努力尝试过。

Evan’s Feedback:

I attended Chinese tuition in 2 other tuition centres when I was in P1 to P3, but I kept getting 50 to 60 marks, with no observable improvement. I joined Skylace Language School’s Chinese Enrichment Class for P3 in term 3 last year, and managed to get more than 70 marks for my Chinese examination. In fact, I was awarded the “Good Progress Award for Chinese Language” by “Chinese Language & Culture Fund”. I didn’t know I am capable of improving so much, so now I am inspired to get more than 80 marks for my future Chinese examinations. Even if I fail in the attempt, I would tell myself it is okay because I have tried my best. I am thankful for the encouragement from my family members, friends and teachers. I would also want to express my gratitude to Ms Lee who is my teacher in Skylace. She has helped me a lot.

[4 Dec 15] 豆豆班、小一同学的绘本和面具制作


Today is the 4th day of December, have all of you been enjoying yourselves in the holidays? As an early Christmas greeting, we would like to share the decorated self-made books and masks made by our Preschoolers & Primary 1 students.


IMG-20141204-WA0002          IMG-20141204-WA0003          IMG-20141204-WA0004

IMG-20141204-WA0001     IMG-20141204-WA0005

IMG-20141122-WA0005     IMG-20141122-WA0006

[奖项Award] 恭喜宇恩同学!


恭喜今年小学一年级的宇恩同学 (Shadi Bin Zulhisham) 获得“(课业)优异表现奖”,宇恩同学十分重视自己的课业表现,在天磊上课时也十分乖巧、认真。他是华巫混血儿,但华文成绩考到了99分,表现甚佳,一点儿也不逊于他的华族同学,令人佩服!

Shadi Bin Zulhisham who studied in Skylace’s Primary School Chinese Courses has been awarded with “Certificate of Achievement (Academic)”, and scored 99 upon 100 for his Chinese subject. Shadi came from a family with mixed ethnic background, yet he was able to do so well for his Chinese examination, it is really heart-warming and encouraging for his parents, as well as for his teachers in Skylace!