[26/04/17] Skylace Wisdom Card Workshop (completed) 天磊识字王讲座

学习 ~ ~ 从我开始!
谢谢家长们抽出宝贵的时间来参加 “天磊识字王” 讲座。我们一起努力,让孩子们学习华文变得 ▷ 简单又容易 ◁ 。

Learning begins with ME!

Dear parents, thank you for attending our “Skylace Wisdom Card” Workshop. Our combined efforts would make it easier for children to master the Chinese Language.

【09/12/2016】 教具:情绪卡


Skylace teachers use “Emotions” and “Feelings” Flashcards, to enable students to create convincingly real and lively characters in their compositions, and to help them to accurately analyse the characters featured in their comprehension passages.

[4 Mar’ 16] 用手机学认字 Master word recognition using hand-phones


It might be cumbersome for the parents or the child to bring along flashcards when they go out, but this e-book version of our Wisdom Cards can be downloaded on hand-phones for easy usage. In addition, it is more beneficial than playing games!

[10 Sept] Primary 1 Chinese Audio Book 小学一年级华文有声书 《童读 · 童心》

The Primary 1 to 2 Audio Books under the “Tong Du Tong Xin” series enabled the student to master word recognition and reading skills without the help of Hanyu Pinyin.

《童读 · 童心》系列中的小一至小二有声书让孩子能够在没有汉语拼音的辅助下,学会认读字词,并­进一步掌握了阅读能力。

[10 Sept] Preschool Audio Book 学前有声书 《童读 · 童心》

The “Tong Du Tong Xin” Audio Book empowered the student to master the skill of reading Chinese stories at a young age.

年幼的孩子通过使用有声书《童读 · 童心》,能够没有拼音的辅助下自行阅读华文故事。

[5-8-2015] Effective tool for Pre-Schoolers‘ Word Recognition 幼儿认字好教具 (学前智慧识字王)


Look how confident this boy is, when he is able to recognize and read the Chinese words by sight, after listening to a story the teacher recited using these cards.

[31-7-15] SG50 Offer – Oral Wisdom Card & Wisdom Card

In celebration of Singapore’s Year of Jubilee, Skylace Language School has decided to offer the following products for sales. This offer is valid till 30th September 2015 only. Please call us at 6297-1971 for further information.

1. Oral Wisdom Card (for Chinese Oral Pictorial Description training, the whole set covered 27 locations)
2. Wisdom Card (to reinforce word recognition)
3. Match-It (works like Snap, to make word recognition for preschoolers more enjoyable)

1. 《口试智慧卡》(看图说话教材,全套涵盖27个地点)
2. 《智慧识字王》(识字教材)
3. 《对对卡》(让学前幼童通过游戏的形式认读简单的中文字)

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