天磊家长讲座 Parents’ Talks @ Skylace


We at Skylace Language School, would love to work together with parents, to help your children mature into well-learned and knowledgeable people with integrity and politeness.


天磊(马来西亚)举办了第一场 “为学前0-6岁儿童讲故事” 的家长工作坊,由拥有接近40年教学经验的黄丽云老指导。丽云老师风趣幽默,以生动活泼的形式示范如何向儿童讲故事,出席的家长都获益不浅。





[26/04/17] Free Workshop on O Levels Chinese Oral 免费O水准口试讲座

Date/日期: 6 May 2017 (Sat/星期六)
Time/时间: 4 – 5.30pm
Venue/地点: Skylace Language School 天磊语文中心
Block 261, #01-09
Waterloo Centre, Queen Street
Near Bras Basah Mrt

Instead of describing a picture or photograph, now O Levels candidates have to view a narrated video, then verbally present their views on the topic in fluent Mandarin. After that, the examiner will pose questions and have a dialogue with the candidate.
Ms Pricilla Wong will be conducting a free talk for parents to share more on the Chinese oral component, so as to help parents guide their children in the preparation for O Levels Chinese Oral.

Please call 6297-1971 to sign up now as seats are limited!




名额有限,请家长们尽快拨电 6297-1971 报名!

Direction to Skylace(天磊) Headquarters at Waterloo Centre

The easiest way to get to Skylace Language School (Headquarter at Waterloo Centre) is to alight at Bras Basah Mrt Station (Circle Line), leave the station at EXIT A and walk to Skylace. You will reach us in less than 5 minutes!

在百胜地铁站(环线)下车后,从 “出口A” 走出来,不到五分钟即可到达天磊语文中心!



Talks for Parents who are concerned abt PSLE 2017 为2017小六离校考试考生的家长特别准备的讲座

Two Talks for Parents who want to know more about PSLE 2017 and how to help the children handle comprehension & oral exam. [for details please look at the picture attached]

1. “PSLE: The Skylace Approach” (Free Talk)

2. Experience the Skylace Approach –
Pt.1 – Comprehension
Pt. 2 – Oral
(1 session S$30, 2 sessions S$50)


1. 讲座:《如何准备小六会考》(免费)

2. 讲座:《体验天磊学习方针》 (一场S$30, 两场S$50)
Pt. 1 阅读理解
Pt. 2 口试

[Open Class开放教室] 中一华文“写作与理解班”

Open Class for Secondary One Chinese Enrichment Class

日期 Date    :  9 November 2014 (星期日/Sundary)

时间 Time    :  11:00am – 1:00pm

地点 Venue : Skylace Language School – #05-21 Funan DigitaLife Mall (near food court)

目的 / Objectives:



In order to help parents who have children going to secondary school in 2015 to understand how we are conducting our brand-new Secondary School Course, you are cordially invited to our “Open Class” held on the above-mentioned date and time. The “Open Class” concept has gained popular following among educators and has helped promoted parents-teachers cooperation in guiding the children to better academic performance. We look forward to your participation. You are welcome to share your opinions after the session.

Please call us at 6297-1971 to register for this free “Open Class” session, to ensure seating.

[讲座/TALK] “2015年小六会考题型家长讲解会” (Updated on: 5 Nov 2014)

(See below for updates)

Introduction to the PSLE Format for Chinese in Year 2015

日期 Date    :  1 November 2014 (周六/Saturday)
时间 Time    :  11:00am – 12:30pm
地点 Venue : Skylace Language School – #05-21 Funan DigitaLife Mall
目的 / Objectives:

To help parents with children who would be facing PSLE (Primary School Leaving Examination) in 2015, we will be giving a talk on the 1st November 2014. During the sharing session, we will explain the PSLE format and guidelines for year 2015.  Furthermore, we will also discuss the examination techniques and the focal point at each preparation stage.  In addition, the need to take care of your child’s emotional and mental health will also be discussed.
We encourage all parents to participate in this session, your valuable feedback, opinions and suggestions are highly appreciated.  The cooperation between you and Skylace will definitely benefit your child in achieving academic excellence in the Chinese language.

更新/Update (5 Nov 2015):
The above-mentioned talk has been successfully held. We hope that the parents who attended the talk would be able to guide and accompany their children through the preparation of PSLE with confidence!




【家长讲座】 学习心得 – 18 / 10 / 2014


1) 家长要让孩子快乐地学习。
2) 家长要让孩子学习“失败”。

Ms Priscilla Wong conducted a Parents’ Workshop in a SAP school (Primary level) in Central Singapore.
1) Parents should provide an environment for children to learn in joy.
2) Parents should allow children to go through “failure” so as to equip them with the skills to get over setbacks.




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