Talks for Parents who are concerned abt PSLE 2017 为2017小六离校考试考生的家长特别准备的讲座

Two Talks for Parents who want to know more about PSLE 2017 and how to help the children handle comprehension & oral exam. [for details please look at the picture attached]

1. “PSLE: The Skylace Approach” (Free Talk)

2. Experience the Skylace Approach –
Pt.1 – Comprehension
Pt. 2 – Oral
(1 session S$30, 2 sessions S$50)


1. 讲座:《如何准备小六会考》(免费)

2. 讲座:《体验天磊学习方针》 (一场S$30, 两场S$50)
Pt. 1 阅读理解
Pt. 2 口试

[7 Jan ’16] 中学新口试课程(用视频取代图片)


Skylace Language School organized a 5-day course for Secondary School pupils who would be tested with the new Oral Examination format using video footage. Students have to organize and present their thoughts and suggestions with regards to the topics covered in the footage, and communicate to the examiners effectively, after viewing the video footage. After the course, the pupils are better equipped to score well!