[10 Sept] Primary 1 Chinese Audio Book 小学一年级华文有声书 《童读 · 童心》

The Primary 1 to 2 Audio Books under the “Tong Du Tong Xin” series enabled the student to master word recognition and reading skills without the help of Hanyu Pinyin.

《童读 · 童心》系列中的小一至小二有声书让孩子能够在没有汉语拼音的辅助下,学会认读字词,并­进一步掌握了阅读能力。

[4 Dec 15] 豆豆班、小一同学的绘本和面具制作


Today is the 4th day of December, have all of you been enjoying yourselves in the holidays? As an early Christmas greeting, we would like to share the decorated self-made books and masks made by our Preschoolers & Primary 1 students.


IMG-20141204-WA0002          IMG-20141204-WA0003          IMG-20141204-WA0004

IMG-20141204-WA0001     IMG-20141204-WA0005

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