[31-7-15] SG50 Offer – Oral Wisdom Card & Wisdom Card

In celebration of Singapore’s Year of Jubilee, Skylace Language School has decided to offer the following products for sales. This offer is valid till 30th September 2015 only. Please call us at 6297-1971 for further information.

1. Oral Wisdom Card (for Chinese Oral Pictorial Description training, the whole set covered 27 locations)
2. Wisdom Card (to reinforce word recognition)
3. Match-It (works like Snap, to make word recognition for preschoolers more enjoyable)

1. 《口试智慧卡》(看图说话教材,全套涵盖27个地点)
2. 《智慧识字王》(识字教材)
3. 《对对卡》(让学前幼童通过游戏的形式认读简单的中文字)

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