[01/03/17] Pop Club 文章: 为口试加分,活学活用华语

面对全新的口试形式--看录像说话 (视频口试),家长该如何帮助孩子建立信心并做好充分准备呢?

How can parents help their children to build up confidence and get ready for the all new Oral Examination format using video ?

[19/12/16] 看录像说话 Oral Examination Using Videos


Language is meant to be utilised as a daily communication tool, which also engages various cognitive processes and skills of the brain. Through our oral training with videos, students get to learn how to form their own opinions regarding real live experiences, and how to verbalise their thoughts in a well-organized and fluent manner. After completing the course, the students would be well prepared for the new Oral Examination format using videos.