[26/04/17] Skylace Wisdom Card Workshop (completed) 天磊识字王讲座

学习 ~ ~ 从我开始!
谢谢家长们抽出宝贵的时间来参加 “天磊识字王” 讲座。我们一起努力,让孩子们学习华文变得 ▷ 简单又容易 ◁ 。

Learning begins with ME!

Dear parents, thank you for attending our “Skylace Wisdom Card” Workshop. Our combined efforts would make it easier for children to master the Chinese Language.

[4 Mar’ 16] 用手机学认字 Master word recognition using hand-phones


It might be cumbersome for the parents or the child to bring along flashcards when they go out, but this e-book version of our Wisdom Cards can be downloaded on hand-phones for easy usage. In addition, it is more beneficial than playing games!

[5-8-2015] Effective tool for Pre-Schoolers‘ Word Recognition 幼儿认字好教具 (学前智慧识字王)


Look how confident this boy is, when he is able to recognize and read the Chinese words by sight, after listening to a story the teacher recited using these cards.