Skylace Course Overview 天磊课程进度一览表


【11/02/2015】 恭喜梁晋希同学获颁“华文最佳进步奖”



从小学一年级到三年级,我曾经在另外两所语文中心上过课,可是我的成绩一直徘徊在50至60分之间,毫无起色,令我相当沮丧。从三年级第三学期起,我成为了天磊的学生,天磊的李老师帮了我很多,而且来自家人、朋友和老师们的鼓励,也给了我很大的动力。现在,我已有能力在华文考试中考获 70分,还获得“中华语言文化基金”所颁发的“华文最佳进步奖”。我决定再接再厉,朝80分迈进。就算不成功,至少我有努力尝试过。

Evan’s Feedback:

I attended Chinese tuition in 2 other tuition centres when I was in P1 to P3, but I kept getting 50 to 60 marks, with no observable improvement. I joined Skylace Language School’s Chinese Enrichment Class for P3 in term 3 last year, and managed to get more than 70 marks for my Chinese examination. In fact, I was awarded the “Good Progress Award for Chinese Language” by “Chinese Language & Culture Fund”. I didn’t know I am capable of improving so much, so now I am inspired to get more than 80 marks for my future Chinese examinations. Even if I fail in the attempt, I would tell myself it is okay because I have tried my best. I am thankful for the encouragement from my family members, friends and teachers. I would also want to express my gratitude to Ms Lee who is my teacher in Skylace. She has helped me a lot.