[26/04/17] Skylace Wisdom Card Workshop (completed) 天磊识字王讲座

学习 ~ ~ 从我开始!
谢谢家长们抽出宝贵的时间来参加 “天磊识字王” 讲座。我们一起努力,让孩子们学习华文变得 ▷ 简单又容易 ◁ 。

Learning begins with ME!

Dear parents, thank you for attending our “Skylace Wisdom Card” Workshop. Our combined efforts would make it easier for children to master the Chinese Language.

[26/04/17] Free Workshop on O Levels Chinese Oral 免费O水准口试讲座

Date/日期: 6 May 2017 (Sat/星期六)
Time/时间: 4 – 5.30pm
Venue/地点: Skylace Language School 天磊语文中心
Block 261, #01-09
Waterloo Centre, Queen Street
Near Bras Basah Mrt

Instead of describing a picture or photograph, now O Levels candidates have to view a narrated video, then verbally present their views on the topic in fluent Mandarin. After that, the examiner will pose questions and have a dialogue with the candidate.
Ms Pricilla Wong will be conducting a free talk for parents to share more on the Chinese oral component, so as to help parents guide their children in the preparation for O Levels Chinese Oral.

Please call 6297-1971 to sign up now as seats are limited!




名额有限,请家长们尽快拨电 6297-1971 报名!

[01/03/17] Pop Club 文章: 为口试加分,活学活用华语

面对全新的口试形式--看录像说话 (视频口试),家长该如何帮助孩子建立信心并做好充分准备呢?

How can parents help their children to build up confidence and get ready for the all new Oral Examination format using video ?

[19/12/16] 看录像说话 Oral Examination Using Videos


Language is meant to be utilised as a daily communication tool, which also engages various cognitive processes and skills of the brain. Through our oral training with videos, students get to learn how to form their own opinions regarding real live experiences, and how to verbalise their thoughts in a well-organized and fluent manner. After completing the course, the students would be well prepared for the new Oral Examination format using videos.

【09/12/2016】 教具:情绪卡


Skylace teachers use “Emotions” and “Feelings” Flashcards, to enable students to create convincingly real and lively characters in their compositions, and to help them to accurately analyse the characters featured in their comprehension passages.

[26/11/16] 恭喜卓恩同学获颁“华文最佳进步奖”


Zhuo En used to have little interest in the Chinese Language. After she started attending Skylace’s course, she began to show more interest in the subject, and has shown great improvement. Her mother was pleased too! Congratulations!


[18/11/16] 假期班时间表 Holiday Programs Time Table





[01/11/16] Pop Club 文章: 别让孩子成为井底蛙

十月份 POPCLUB 天磊的文章《别让孩子成为井底蛙》。
Skylace’s article in October issue of PopClub “Let our children become knowledgeable, socially responsible, caring and competent”.

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