[26/04/17] Free Workshop on O Levels Chinese Oral 免费O水准口试讲座

Date/日期: 6 May 2017 (Sat/星期六)
Time/时间: 4 – 5.30pm
Venue/地点: Skylace Language School 天磊语文中心
Block 261, #01-09
Waterloo Centre, Queen Street
Near Bras Basah Mrt

Instead of describing a picture or photograph, now O Levels candidates have to view a narrated video, then verbally present their views on the topic in fluent Mandarin. After that, the examiner will pose questions and have a dialogue with the candidate.
Ms Pricilla Wong will be conducting a free talk for parents to share more on the Chinese oral component, so as to help parents guide their children in the preparation for O Levels Chinese Oral.

Please call 6297-1971 to sign up now as seats are limited!




名额有限,请家长们尽快拨电 6297-1971 报名!

[个人分享 Personal Sharing] A letter from a happy student

To all O level Candidates:

Hi, my name is Delin, a student of Skylace Language School.

In the recent Chinese O Level Exam, I managed to get A1 although I just had a Merit for Oral. Hence, I feel that getting A1 for Chinese O level is definitely possible even though you may have gotten a Merit for Oral! Since you have decided to retake the Chinese O Level Exam, do give it your all as this would be your last chance!

What I did in preparation for the exam was that I revised Skylace materials and studied model compositions. I also did the Ten-Year-Series consistently.

All the best!

Press on and don’t give up, because it’s definitely worth it!


[中学 Secondary] 中四(O水准备考)理解与写作班 O Level Chinese Preparation Class

欲知详情,请拨电 6297-1971 。Please call 6297-1971 for any enquiry.

中四理解与写作班 中四理解与写作班文字介绍

[7 Jan ’16] 中学新口试课程(用视频取代图片)


Skylace Language School organized a 5-day course for Secondary School pupils who would be tested with the new Oral Examination format using video footage. Students have to organize and present their thoughts and suggestions with regards to the topics covered in the footage, and communicate to the examiners effectively, after viewing the video footage. After the course, the pupils are better equipped to score well!