Talks for Parents who are concerned abt PSLE 2017 为2017小六离校考试考生的家长特别准备的讲座

Two Talks for Parents who want to know more about PSLE 2017 and how to help the children handle comprehension & oral exam. [for details please look at the picture attached]

1. “PSLE: The Skylace Approach” (Free Talk)

2. Experience the Skylace Approach –
Pt.1 – Comprehension
Pt. 2 – Oral
(1 session S$30, 2 sessions S$50)


1. 讲座:《如何准备小六会考》(免费)

2. 讲座:《体验天磊学习方针》 (一场S$30, 两场S$50)
Pt. 1 阅读理解
Pt. 2 口试